September Blog Post: 6 Ways to Cultivate Positive Communication in both Field & Office

1. Plan, Plan, Plan-Uploaded Image: /uploads/images/plan- office photo.JPG

What gets measured, gets done! Collaboration between all levels, and proper integration of estimating expectations with pre-task planning, look-a-heads, and overall project scheduling is essential. 

2. Ensure the team has the latest tools for communication and productivity-

Updated software and current technology = quick & easy communication, increased productivity, timely deliveries, and seamless manpower movement between projects. Uploaded Image: /uploads/images/ipad-field.JPG

3. Internal and External Support as a Team-

It is important for the office and field staff to act as one unit to achieve a common goal. The office team must keep all documents current and easily accessible to those in the field, and the field team must keep all parties up to date on day to day operations. This can be done by integrating software such as Submittal Exchange which is a fully collaborative, cloud Uploaded Image: /uploads/images/team bonding.JPGbased platform for document management and construction operations. 

A fun & easy way to bridge this gap: walk in each other’s shoes. Have an Estimator visit a job site and shadow a Superintendent for the day, and vice versa. Understanding each other’s work loads and day to day experiences might help them better support each other.

4. Celebrating Achievements & Setting Goals-

Acknowledge successes, celebrate wins, and set Team goals. Uploaded Image: /uploads/images/ppe van blog.JPGKeep the feedback loops constant and continuous. Be sure to establish an open door policy- listen, understand and take the time to solve issues. 

A great way for upper management to show appreciation could be taking employees on monthly lunches to discuss their achievements and address any concerns one on one. 

5. Training Opportunities-

Provide training and education to all employees, Uploaded Image: /uploads/images/AGC training2.JPGas well as opportunities to attend outside seminars and industry association events. Encourage participation- this will build morale, and foster team bonding. 

6. Establish and Reinforce Core Values-

Create a set of values for your company and live by them. This could be 3 key words or values you want to represent as a company. Hold people accountable for their actions if they do not live up to these values, and reward those who do. 





About the Author 

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David M. Rubin was born and raised in Albany. He attended Brown University, graduating in 1975 with degrees in Civil Engineering and Economics. In 1980, he received his Masters in Management & Finance from MIT’s Sloan School and returned to Albany to join his family’s construction firm, Sano-Rubin Construction. David was the third generation of the Rubin family to head the company, having taken over as President & CEO from his father, Donald, in 1985.  Today, he fills the role of Senior Advisor having transitioned the company to the 4th generation of his family, Cousin David Hollander in 2014. 

Serving in an advisory role, David provides expert counsel to the management team across all aspects of the business. Having been with Sano-Rubin for over 37 years, he imparts valuable insight and perspective about the construction industry.


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