10 Questions with Jim Reeks

Sano-Rubin is happy to announce the addition of Jim Reeks to our executive Team, taking on the role of Vice President of Business Development. Jim has spent his career as an entrepreneur- starting off in real estate development and soon after branching into the construction industry as a Marketing and Business Development executive for top construction companies. Jim offers a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience in the local market. 

We asked Jim 10 questions for our readers to get to know him on a more personal level. Here are his Uploaded Image: /uploads/news-articles/JimReeks.jpganswers:

1. Where did you go to college, and what did you major in?

"I went to NHC and then SUCO and my major was business/marketing."

2. What was your first job out of college, and how did this shape your career goals?

"I went in to  join my father’s business. He owned a home decorating center and I expanded it from one store to five doing over two to three million dollars a year in volume. 

I have always enjoy people and learning new things and had wanted to do real estate, development, and construction. From an early age I knew that this is what I wanted to do."

3. I understand you are quite the entrepreneur… what types of businesses did you dabble in and what got you into those industries in the first place?

"I started at an early age mowing lawns, then I went to work for a hardware store. During high school I had worked in my father’s carpet home decorating store.  After college I wanted to manage a business and grow it so I went to work with my dad. He turned the company over to me and I branched it out into a development company that had over a hundred apartments, ten commercial properties, a self-service car wash, etc. So you can see how my love of real estate, development, and construction all came into play."

4. What is one important skill every person should have?   

"The art of how to listen."

5. Name two things you consider yourself to be very good at. 

"Building relationships, and strategy."

6. If you could host a talk show, who would be your first guest? 

"Thomas Edison"

7. Over the course of your life, how many cities have you lived in and which was your favorite? 

"I have lived in two and the Capital District is a great place to be. I have visited many more and the most fascinating one to date I have visited was Hong Kong."

8. What’s the greatest bit of advice a mentor has given you?

"Everyone makes mistakes the object is to learn from that mistake so you do not make it again and you grow from it. Don’t ever be afraid of mistakes we all make them. It is how you deal with it that makes the difference."

9. What would you like to be known for? 

"I would like to be known that I contributed in this life and world to make a difference for the better."

10. What are your goals for this new position at Sano-Rubin?

"To help the team here at Sano-Rubin grow their relationships to help people, companies, and institutions - to realize their building goals using our expertise and knowledge today to make a difference tomorrow."


Welcome to the Team, Jim!


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